This requirements section should be rather unnecessary. It would be the same as to say the limit of parameters for a program is 255. Who in the world would pass 255 parameters to a program. But here we go anyway ...


  • OS Version: >= V5R4M0
  • Started TCP Servers:
    • as-svrmap (449)
    • as-signon (8476)
    • as-rmtcmd (8475)
    • drda (446)
    • as-netprt (8474)
    • as-file (8473)

Here is a good link to the server ports of the IBM Toolbox for Java and JTOpen:

A good way to check if the servers are up and running is to use


and check if the corresponding local ports are used.

Testing the availability and reachability of a service from the desktop can be done withe the telnet command.

telnet myserver 8475

By this way you can check if a socket connection can be established from the desktop (or notebook).


  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Version 1.8.0

You can check the availability and version from a shell with

java -version

MiWorkplace currently does not run with Java 9.