Remote Explorer

The Remote Explorer is the heart and starting point of the application. In the Remote Explorer the connections to the IBM i servers are managed and the QSYS and root file system in the IFS can be browsed. The libraries, source and stream files can be managed. Actions like create, delete, rename, copy, paste, etc. are supported.


Connections are the starting point for working with the IBM i server. Connections can be created via the context menu (right click in the Remote Explorer view) or the main menu (Main Menu ⇒ New ⇒ Connection). A name for the connection and the server name or IP address must be entered to create a connection. The username is optional.

The password is not stored in the connection properties and must be entered on every connection attempt.

Connection properties can be changed if the connection is closed(see Connection Context Menu ⇒ Edit).


By default the libraries of the library list of the user is displayed in the Remote Explorer. This can be changed (deselected) in the connection properties.

A library which is not in the library list can be added to the Remote Explorer by adding it to the list of Listed Libraries.

Renaming the listed library to an empty string will remove it from the Listed Libraries.

The listed libraries are only for displaying the libraries in the Remote Explorer. They are not added to the library list of the server jobs used by the application. F. e. compile jobs will not use the listed libraries but the library list of the user profile.

User Library List

In the User Library List section the user library list of the connection job to the IBM i server can be configured. The specified libraries can either be added to the library list or replace the user part of the library list.

Also a job description can be specified to include the libraries of the job description to the user library list of the connection job.


The rest of the IFS can be browsed by switching to another internal view in the view menu of the RemoteExplorer.

Remote Explorer IFS


Remote Explorer Filter

The content of the Remote Explorer can be filtered. Filtering can be enabled and disabled via the view menu of the toolbar of the Remote Explorer.

Predefined Filters

Most of the time only files, especially source files, are of interest to the developer. So there are two predefined filter options in the filter configuration to get this done:

  • Non Source Files
  • Non Files

The selected options will be excluded (filtered) from the Remote Explorer.

Regex Filters

If individual element should be filtered a regular expression can be added to the list of excluded elements. The expression will be matched against the IFS path of the objects and members.

F. e. exclude library MSCHMIDT:


F. e. all objects starting with STOMP:


F. e. all source members starting with SOCK in source file STOMP in library MSCHMIDT:


F. e. all source members starting with SOCK in any library and source file:


F. e. exclude anything but all JSON* members: