Sometimes it is necessary to debug the application or to give the developer more information about what happend during the last editing session. Here are some tips to get that information and help the developers understand what happened. Here is an excerpt from the web site.

Where is my Log?

Eclipse and Eclipse based applications have a log file where problems are recorded and usually this is the first thing that an Eclipse developer asks for when you report a problem. The log file can be found in a couple of places:

  • Workspace log - This is the most common location for the log file, It is stored in your workspace in the meta-data directory. Check out workspace/.metadata/.log.
  • Configuration log - Sometimes information is recored in the configuration log file instead of the workspace log. (especially if the workspace hasn't been created yet, there isn't one, or it cannot be created) Check your configuration area for a configuration log file. (configuration/.log)
  • Startup - Occasionally problems happen in the system really early before there is a workspace and before there is a configuration area. This means that there is nowhere to write the log file so information is written to the console, See the notes below on running with a console to get these messages.

Note: MiWorkplace has also an application.log file which contains additional information.