MiWorkplace - Editor for IBM i

MiWorkplace is an evolving development environment for the IBM i platform. It is not a given set of tools but an integrated development environment developed for the users and with the users. An open development of the editor will bring the most benefit to you.



2022-10-5 — New release 1.31.0 is out -> Release notes

2022-07-06 — New release 1.30.0 is out -> Release notes

2022-05-18 — New release 1.29.0 is out -> Release notes

2022-03-08 — We fixed a critical bug in release 1.28.1 -> Release notes

2022-02-16 — New release 1.28.0 is out -> Release notes

2021-06-16 — New release 1.27.0 is out.

2021-05-5 — New release 1.26.0 is out.

Current Development

Fixed issues from the nightly updates: Work in progress: Noteworthy for Release 1.33.0 (available on February 28, 2023)

If you want to chime in, please file an enhancement request at our ticketing system.